Is Your Apartment Building an A+ or a D-?

Thanks to former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorkers can tell at-a-glance where a restaurant ranks in terms of its health code inspection, but we only spend about an hour or two in most restaurants. The conditions of where we live, on the other hand, are for the most part undisclosed. Startup Rentlogic is seeking to change all that by grading NYC apartment building from A to F based on a number of factors, including rodents, mold, heat, and plumbing.

Data comes from the City of New York based on 311 reports and City building inspections. Browser extensions link into sites like and StreetEasy to help apartment seekers check out their prospective building’s ratings on the go. There is also an apartment search feature on their site, but it appears to be in the beta phase. Still, the startup aspires to persuade building owners to proudly post their grades in their windows. While this may be super helpful for apartment seekers, the bigger question is ‘what’s in it for the landlords?’ Given the competitive NYC real estate market, the probability of building owners voluntarily opting in is questionable. Let’s see where it goes!


Ensure Your 2018 is Hot With the NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

Calendars are a pretty common holiday filler present. Everybody could use one, and when you’re trying to bulk up the gift pile, it’s a no-brainer. But that doesn’t mean it should be boring. The 2018 New York City Taxi Driver Calendar is now for sale. For just $14.99 you’ll be treated to everything from hilarious to downright steamy–plus this year it’s equal opportunity, with both male and female “models.” Take a look at a sampling of what 2018 has in store. For the rest, get out your credit card and buy the dang calendar. A portion of the proceeds goes to the non-profit University Settlement that does good deeds ranging from youth programs to mental health services to adult literacy. ‘Tis the season for giving, and with this gift, the recipient is sure to get oh so much back!


Podcaster Ira Glass Lists Chelsea Condo for $1.75 Million

If you ever wondered whether you could actually make a living doing podcasts, ask Ira Glass. The host of ‘This American Life’ has listed his 1 bedroom apartment at Chelsea’s Carriage House for $1.75 million–about a half-million more than what he and ex-wife Anaheed Alani paid for it back in 2012. The 1,020 square foot home is comparable in size and whiteness to Jon Hamm’s UWS rental, which is asking $15,000 a month. This gut-renovated apartment with an open-concept chef’s kitchen is perfect for entertaining and the bedroom is described as “pin-drop quiet.”

Source: Curbed

Photos compliments of Compass


7 Things You Can Do With That Extra Door

New Yorkers, especially those in pre-war apartments, are no strangers to the stray door. It may have been on the living room or the kitchen–may still be there even–but all it’s doing these days is getting in the way. Here are some great ways to use it to your advantage–for example, expand your counter space with the fold-down solution pictured above.

The same principal can be used to make a laundry folding table, a desk, or basically any surface that you then want to fold up like a Murphy bed when not in use. Just secure the door frame to the wall and measure chains so the door hangs flat when open.

Or, use your door to build a bar, complete with a storage shelf, glass hanger, and even a chilling bucket.

This shabby chic nightstand adds some white picket fencing to created a shelf.

Cut out the door panel inlays and lay them perpendicular to create a bookshelf.

Paint the inlays with chalkboard paint or overlay them with cork to create a decorative message board.

Sand your door down or overlay it with a sheet of glass so you have a flat surface, then choose from a variety of base options to make a dining table, kitchen island, or desk.

Source: Home Hacks


Rent Madman Jon Hamm’s UWS Apartment

Jon Hamm’s sunny 2-bedroom, 2 bath Lincoln Square penthouse is on the rental market–for $14,995 a month. Hamm and former girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt bought the 1,000 square foot pad in 2013 for $2.5 million and did some transformations that brought it to the open and welcoming space you see today. Perks include not one but two terraces, Sonos sound, a wood-burning fireplace, chef’s kitchen and a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. But the biggest point of interest may be that the apartment is in a Rosario Candela-designed building, for which demand is always high, at 40 West 67th St., just a block from Central Park.

Source: Curbed


Ways to Lighten Up Now That Daylight Savings Time is Over

It’s always a little hard to adjust to the afternoon darkness once we “fall back.” If the shift off of daylight savings time has left you a little blue, here are some tricks to make the most of the winter daylight hours, and brighten up interiors even after dark. The first one does double duty: mirrors. Not only do they make your space look bigger, but they reflect light.

White paint creates the illusion of light, and painting your rooms in white with some light contrasting colors will help keep them bright even on gloomy days.

Make the most of your natural light assets! For example, top-down / bottom-up blinds can provide both privacy and light. Doors with windows let light through, whether they are interior or exterior doors. And if you have a country house, mind the shrubbery–it is a common culprit for blocking light.

For after-dark hours, under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, and lights near walls will create a softer, more natural glow than overhead lighting.

And don’t forget to keep your windows clean. City fumes and grime and dust create films that we’re not even aware of. Avoid the streaks and unending wads of paper towels by using a sponge and warm soap and water.

Source: Zillow


Top 10 Places to Eat Thanksgiving Out

Planning, cooking, entertaining, cleaning up–sure, it can be fun, but this year why not take a break and leave it to the experts. These 10 NYC establishments have a fabulous Thanksgiving feast planned with all of the taste and none of the hassle. Le Coq Rico in the Flatiron district–not to be confused with its sister restaurant in Paris–will serve a 4-course menu for $85 a person, with the highlight being roasted turkey from the farm of 4th-generation turkey raiser Frank Reese.

Eleven Madison Park will serve a 4-course meal with choices from classic favorites with an Eleven Mad twist. The prix fixe meal is $245. Tack on a wine pairing for another $135.

Union Square Cafe will serve Thanksgiving dinner at its new 19th street location with four courses and family-style sides for $125 a plate, $55 for kids.

Dovetail on the Upper West Side will offer a vegetarian Thanksgiving menu for $125 a plate and traditional 3-course menu at $138. Add on wine pairings for $75.

Maialino in Gramercy allows you to choose from an Italian-American Thanksgiving menu with four courses centered around a traditional turkey, or go all-out Italian with a suckling pig. $155 for both menus, kids eat for $65.

Rotisserie Georgette on the Upper East Side knows how to roast a bird, and its turkey-and-stuffing based 3-course menu is $84 for adults, $40 for kids.

Craft, another Flatiron option, will serve a 3-course family-style menu with the main course being a choice of roasted free-range turkey, spiced venison strip loin, or sea bass. $150 prix fixe.

The Breslin, known for its rich steaks and roasts, will fill you up with comfort food this Thanksgiving and top it off with pumpkin cheesecake for just $75, or $120 with wine pairings.

The Polo Bar adjacent the Fifth Avenue flagship Polo store will add Thanksgiving delicacies to its a la carte menu, including root veggies, heirloom turkey, and maple bacon roasted Brussels sprouts.

Or go non-traditional at the John Dory Oyster Bar with chorizo-stuffed squid and an open raw bar. Prices are a la carte.

Source: TimeOut


Sign Up Now for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! Space is Running Out.

Spaces for Turkey Trots in the greater NYC area ALWAYS fill up well before the holiday, likely because there are only four in a city of 9 million people. The best part? Three of the four runs aren’t even on Thanksgiving Day, presumably because the general assumption is that New Yorkers are not likely to be getting up at the crack of dawn on the morning after the biggest bar night of the year. And that assumption would be accurate. Whether you choose to run off the calories before or after your feast, the fact remains you need to sign up now, or you’ll just be taking another lonely jog.

NYC Turkey Trot Save $10 by registering for this 15K run/5K walk by November 8th. It takes place Saturday, November 25 on Roosevelt Island, and finishers are rewarded with a cinnamon role–because let’s face it, you’ll be hungry again by Saturday.

Prospect Park Track Club Turkey Trot Registration for this race is actually already closed, but if you’re willing to chuck in some extra cash for a good cause, you can still run. Proceeds go to CHiPS, a local organization that provides food and shelter.

Long Beach Turkey Trot This 10K race is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so while city dwellers can’t pair it up with a trip home for Thanksgiving, they do have the chance to win a turkey for the big day.

Coney Island Turkey Trot Coney Island wins the prize for understanding New Yorkers the best. Not only is this race on November 19th, nowhere close to bar night, it starts at 11:30am.


NYC to London in 30 Minutes: Elon Musk’s Latest Plan

Elon Musk’s announcement that his venture, the Boring Company, has verbal approval from the government to build a mag-lev train that would transport commuters from NYC to Washington, D.C. in just 30 minutes seems plausible, albeit far-off when you consider how long it took to get 3 stops on the 2nd Avenue Subway up and running. But the latest announcement has us wondering, why not just skip to inventing teleportation?

SpaceX CEO, aka Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced his plan for city-to-city rocket service last week. New York City to London in 29 minutes. NYC to Shanghai, 39 minutes. Los Angeles to Tokyo, 32 minutes. Better yet, the entrepreneur said he figures it could be up and running in about 5 years, and take 100 passengers at a time over the ocean at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. This announcement, by the way, came up unexpectedly during Musk’s keynote at the International Astronautical Congress when his primary topic was colonizing Mars.

So, considering the Concorde, which took passengers across the pond in half the time, turned out to be a bust, what would make anyone think rockets would be viable? Well, while a one-way ticket on the Concorde cost £4,350 at the time of its decommissioning in 2003, Musk believes he can transport passengers at an average cost that’s about equal to economy coach class on an airplane that takes 12 times longer.

Source: Futurism


What NYC’s Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want

As the prices of luxury real estate in New York City climb, so do the expectations of buyers. CNBC’s recent story reported that the days of proximity to public transportation being top-of-the-list are over (thank you Uber!), and developers are continually upping the ante on what constitutes luxury amenities. Here are some “wish list” items from luxury buyers–many of which have already been implemented in NYC’s ultra luxury buildings.

  • Tesla charging stations
  • Dog spas
  • Salt water swimming pools in the living room (which will be installed in over half of the apartments at the Soori High Line)

  • Wellness programming and full-scale spas
  • Turkish baths
  • Bowling alleys (these last two will be part of the new building going up at One Manhattan Square)

  • Wine cellars
  • Fully-staffed fitness rooms
  • Screening rooms

So tell us, what’s on your wish list?

Source: CNBC