Have You Ever Wanted to Experience NYC in the 1940s? You Can This Month, on the Nostalgia Train.

By Jordan • December 14th, 2015


Some of us remember when the windows opened on subway trains, but fewer and fewer around us can recall when trains had ceiling fans and rattan seats. This weekend, the Stanton Hoch Team went on a field trip from Queens Plaza to Second Avenue in a subway car from the 1940s. Fellow riders dressed in flapper-era attire and volunteers brought their oversized instruments into train cars to treat us to some festive big-band music. The Nostalgia Train is a delightful way to take a step back in time with some of the happiest people you’ll ever see in a subway car.

You still have two opportunities to experience the Nostalgia Train yourself: December 20th and 27th. It runs from 10am-5pm, making local stops on the 6th Avenue line. It can be a little tricky to time, but the unforgettable experience is well worth the wait.




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