Do You Wish You Had a Garden? Build a Living Wall.

By Jordan • September 25th, 2017

One thing we New Yorkers often crave is a little bit of green space, and although NYC has amazing parks, they don’t quite offer the peace and relaxation of a home garden. If you don’t have a garden apartment, there’s another way: build a living wall. Also known as green walls or vertical gardens, these foliage art pieces also improve indoor air quality, act as a natural cooling/air conditioning system, reduce noise levels, and just look cool.

If you’re handy you may be able to build your own living wall, but what with the need for irrigation, potential for leaks, etc., it might be better to get a starter kit. ELT offers modular panels that you can then build out to any size you would like. The Wally gardening system by Woolly Pocket are containers made from recycled plastic bottles that you can use indoors or out. Florafelt by Plants on Walls offers multi-pocket systems with 4 pockets up to 24 in both horizontal and vertical layouts. Self-watering systems can be purchased as well. And Grovert sells rustic wall kits in a variety of wood frames–a fun and living piece of art!


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